Links and Resources

These are resources that I find useful or interesting. Some of them are for hard data, and some are just for fun. I will try to group them according to type and in some cases , add a little commentary of my own.

Congressional Dish
This is the website of a young woman named Jen Briney who does a podcast called “Congressional Dish”. She watches the House and Senate, reads the bills they are working on, and watches their committees and panels and the hearings they hold. She dissects the material and studies it and then shares it with her listeners in a completely understandable way, shining the light of journalism into an area that frankly the mainstream media has been,IMHO, criminally neglecting. Jen Briney is probably the most intellectually honest person I know. While the rest of the main stream media is caught up watching the flamboyancy of the white house and chasing the sexy flash of violence in the streets like children, Jen Briney continues to watch the men behind the curtain who control the money, make the laws, and are slowly eroding our constitution. Most important, she pulls no punches for either party, and she is inoculated against advertiser influence, as she uses the value for value model to fund her show. (Full disclosure, I’m a supporter)

No Agenda
Adam Curry and John C Dvorak’s website for their podcast, “The No Agenda Show”. They gather stories from the main stream media all over the world, then deconstruct them, looking for flaws and falsehoods. You will be amazed at what they can find. They have a fantastic network of listeners who help in producing the show, with funding, leads, boots on the ground fact checking, etc. etc. They invented the value for value funding model for their podcast, entirely listener supported, thereby eliminating the financial leverage of advertising money, used by large corporations to keep the mainstream media under control. Also they have a fantastic, searchable database – the No Agenda Show Notes. (Full disclosure, I’m a supporter. ITM!)