Captains Log…

Star date 07.16.2020

Year of the Covid…
20:56 EST
I spent as much of the day indoors as I could manage. The temp was only in the 80’s but the humidity was pretty bad. Bad as in, once you start sweating, you cant tell the difference between the sweat and the layer of humidity clinging to you.
We recently purchased the empty lot next to our house and combined it legally with our own into one half acre lot. We plan eventually to place a storage building/workshop on it and expand our fenced in backyard over on to it. There are a few issues though. We are in a FEMA designated flood zone and that brings a lot of headaches. (When you buy a house, do your homework. But more about that later.)
We widened and lengthened our driveway by having about 18 tons of crushed gravel (1″ crush) brought in, which we then spread by hand. Shovels, rakes, etc. By ‘we’ I mean myself, my wife, and my two grandsons, ages 12 and 6. When we were ‘done’, we had a decent pile remaining at the head of the drive, which I planned to used when we put up the shop. We were going to connect the drive to the shop floor, which for now, would also be gravel. Pouring a 20 by 30 ft concrete pad with footers, runs about $6000.00 around here, give or take. We’re going to hold off on that for now.
The plan changed a bit when I picked up a 1984 bass boat for about $500. (I couldn’t pass that up, could I? Its a project. Not water ready by a long shot.) Point is we needed room to store it, until the shop happens, so we had to stretch the gravel pile out, making the driveway longer.
In the wonderful humidity…
Like working in a bathtub filled with blood-warm water. Yech.
In other news, I had to go downtown to the county Sheriff’s office as well to pull my criminal record, to double check I had no misdemeanors. I was already sure I had no felonies, but I had been picked up for a bench warrant for an unpaid dog license fine, about 10 years ago, and I wasn’t sure how that was classed. Turns out that’s not a misdemeanor. Yay. Whatever. Seven dollars, please. Have a nice day.
I need the information because I am applying for my Indiana lifetime License to Carry Firearms. I was reasonably sure that I was clean, but I wanted to be positive before I put it in my application. Submitting false information is a felony in itself, and if I did it even on accident, it could prevent me from getting that LCF, completely aside from any other legal issues.
For the next step, now that I’ve completed my application, I need to be fingerprinted, which I need an appointment for. The soonest I can make that happen is August 8th, apparently. Must be everyone is getting their prints done.
Maybe they are applying for their LCF’s as well? Veeerry possible. I heard a rumor that there have been Klingons spotted around Uranus…

Star date 10.05.2020

Year of the COVID

20:43 EST

Yeah, OK. It’s been a while. Likely no one will ever read this anyway. I don’t really have the time or temperament to do this sort of thing, I guess. I have a built in aversion to sharing personal information online. I don’t have much online presence.
All the “i”s are dotted. All the “t”s crossed. Took me forever to get in to get my fingerprints taken. Thank you COVID. Everywhere I tried was either closed altogether, or scheduling so far out that I would have had to renew the entire application online through the ISP “Ariesportal”.
Cute name that. Aries is one version of the Name of the Greek god of war. The other is Ares. War, Guns. Yeah. Cute.

Killed the tomato garden today. Salvaged what I could. We had about 5 tomatoes that were ripe, 6 more that were almost ripe, and about 30-35 that are green as hell. There’s already been a couple light frosts. I just wanted to get it cleaned up and out of the way, I guess.
Really gonna miss those fresh…ripe…juicy…red…(did I mention fresh?)…tomatoes.
*sigh* Back to eating store bought, imported, orange baseballs, I guess.(Brief interlude for self pitying, teary eyed, crying jag)

Doesn’t look like we’re going to get the shed/shop in this year. (COVID….*^#*@^$ !!!) No one can get their license to build meal structures in our county, apparently, until after October sometime. They think. Maybe.
I did get the new chain link fence up. Took me a few days. Had to pour the concrete for the terminal posts and let them set for three days to set up. Looks pretty good though, even if I do say so myself. Nice and tight, too. And I saved about 2 grand by doing it myself. Woo Hoo!
The dog loves it, although she’s not sure what to make of all that extra space. Sometimes she doesn’t appear to be aware that all that extra yard is hers.
Connie wants to get a second dog. There are some mixed pups, German Shepherd and King Shepherd, and the people appear to only want a minimal “re-homing” fee. ( A bullshit term if I ever heard one).
We are going over to look at them tomorrow.
My only real concern is that Cadence doesn’t get shuffled to one side because there is a new puppy. Everyone loves puppies, at least when they arent cleaning up after them…